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We have 24/7 maintenance services for corporates and homes. Contact us now on 1820099.


BLK Aluminum is a proven leader in all facets of the aluminum fabrication industry, including supply, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance.

BLK Aluminum has been one of the primary aluminum manufacturers in Kuwait since 1992. Our products are used by a wide variety of clients ranging from industrial clients to residential home owners. We strive to be innovative in all of our work to provide premium quality materials while utilizing the latest technological advancements. Our company employs highly trained professionals with the top level of expertise in the aluminum manufacturing industry. We cater to many different sectors providing unique design and quality products. Our products are perfectly suited to Kuwait with its unparalleled ability to prevent water, dust, humidity and noise.

Products and services

British Link Kuwait Company (BLK) has been a leader in the aluminum manufacturing industry for over two decades. We serve a vast array of clients who are guaranteed absolute satisfaction in every aspect of our work. We specialize in aluminum fabrication from extruded and rolled materials which are supplied by the top companies worldwide including IKU AUSTRIAN, ALUK Italy and TECHNICAL FRANCE. BLK supplies and manufactures a wide range of aluminum products for industrial, commercial and residential applications. We provide turnkey services including design, aluminum fabrication, assembly, installation and transportation.

Product Features:

  • Long lasting
  • Rust proof
  • Easy to maintain
  • Dimensionally accurate
  • Blocks water, air and dirt

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